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Sancorp Tech LLC with years of experience and expertise in industries that includes Roofing and Mining Solutions,we corrugate to your test and style to give a timeless aesthetic value to your Building. look no furthier for all kinds of natural endouments verfication in your land.

our very preace Aeromagnetic survary with appropriate sensor and boots on the ground gurantees precision and quality determination of variuse Minirals and metals.


What Makes Us Different

A mining company main assets are its reserves and resources, Below reflects some of the specifications used in carrying out our aeromagnetic survey. It is important to be able to read a reserve and resource statement and understand what information needs to be pulled from it to make the Testing and Aeromagnetic Survery model..

  • Testing and Aeromagnetic Survery and Solid minirals Solution.
  • Opporutnity to work with expertise.
  • Saving Time to Deal with Sancorp tech.
  • Leadership skills to manage work force.
  • Cut cost without sacrificing in Roofing project.
  • Automate your Building with Sancorp Tech .

You Should Know

The act of shaping into parallel ridges and grooves. type of: change of shape. an action that changes the shape. Our Corrugated roofing sheets offer numerous advantages over other roofing materials, making them an ideal choice for those seeking a strong and durable roofing

Aeromagnetic data have been widely used to identify magnetic anomalies in the Earth magnetic field caused by magnetic minerals in the rocks. Our Testing and Aeromagnetic Survery can be detected by measuring the magnetic field near the surface of the ground. By analyzing these measurements, geophysicist.

Providing durability which cuts down on breakages and site construction costs

Interested with this service.