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HMIC Mines & Energy International Nigeria Ltd

The HMIC Mines & Energy International is a Nigerian-owned Company with years of experience and expertise in industries that includes Solid Minerals Mining and Mining Solutions, Energy Generation Solutions, systems and Automation, Information Technology, procurement and Financial Management/Consulancy. Following a Keen and curated Study on the importance for the Separation and purification of Lithium ore components in Cross River State, Our Findings signify benefits in.

Maximization of Profit through avoidance of shipping wastes, Benefiting from other associated compounds in the ore, increasing inflow of FOREX and creating gainfull employment to locals


What Makes Us Different

A mining and Energy company with solid Miniral exploration and export, renewables energy audit and solutions, Building and Construction we have Solid mineral Beneficiation Services. .

  • Partnership Strategy in Solid minirals.
  • Opporutnity to work with expertise.
  • Saving Time to Deal with HMIC.
  • Leadership skills to manage work force.
  • Cut cost without sacrificing project.
  • Automate your business with HMIC .

You Should Know

your investment needs and gives you the power, so you can arrive at a Mines and Money event with a schedule full of meetings with the people who matter most to you.

import and export of gold

Strategic bets placed? · Reducing exposure to conventional power generation, particularly coal · Redirecting investment into networks and renewables

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